JABER called the king of Beaubourg "Sculpture"... - Lot 32 - Mytika Honfleur

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JABER called the king of Beaubourg "Sculpture"... - Lot 32 - Mytika Honfleur
JABER called the king of Beaubourg "Sculpture" plaster, signed and dated on the work 2008, H26 cm Jaber El Mahjoub was born in 1938 in a family of shepherds from M'Saken in Tunisia. His childhood was perilous due to the death of his mother at the age of six. His sister educated him without financial means to give him access to school and the possibility of learning to read and write. At the dawn of 1958, he decided to move to Marseilles and work as a baker. Two years later, he set off for the French capital. Gifted with his hands and his voice, he made sculptures and at the same time composed, wrote and performed songs until he recorded two singles with Pathé Marconi. A wealthy American woman was attracted by his work, she took him to the United States, married him and propelled his career internationally. Between two breaks, he carefully, passionately and rigorously composes three-dimensional works from papier-mâché, which are particularly singular, intriguing and striking. A true demiurge, he transposes his charcoal earth into the shape of a bird, fish or flower. His profession as a baker offers him this process that he applies in the field of art: he first uses his hands to give shape to a form and then bakes it into bread dough. He adds color to his artistic creations and a keen aesthetic sense. Jaber El Mahjoub is exhibited in one of the most renowned galleries in San Francisco. The artist brings together all the lovers of "flower-power" art. He returned to Paris and exhibited at the American Center of Artists in 1977. He participated in many prestigious exhibitions with friends and collectors. His work is acquired by many museums dedicated to outsider art. A man of the shadows in the light, his market value soars. Among 800 candidates at the Plainfield Art Festival, the artist is crowned by the first prize of painting.
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